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Welcome to Carmel College
Applications are now open for 2018 entry

Welcome to Carmel College

Applications for 2018 Entry

Before you get started, please read the following information thoroughly.

Your Application

  • You will be unable to submit your application unless all parts are completed. You will be unable to save your application part way through.
  • We require that you have access to a personal email address to contact you and to confirm your application has been received.
  • Your details will be held securely on our servers for as long as the details are of purpose.

Your Details

  • The name of the local authority in which you live eg, St Helens, Halton etc.
  • Your predicted or actual exam grades for GCSE Maths and GCSE English Language and any other qualifications.
  • Details of two emergency contacts including your relationship to that person ie. mother, sister etc.
  • Your choice of up to four subjects that you are considering studying at Carmel College.
  • Upon completion of your application you will be invited to disclose any learning or health needs that you may have.

Your Privacy

  • Please read our privacy notice below for a simple explanation of what this all means to you.
    Privacy Learning Records Service Privacy Document (PDF)
  • Our data protection document gives you details of how we will look after and process your data given to us.
    Data Protection Data Protection Document (PDF)
  • Upon the successful completion of your application, your primary contact data will be used to register an account with ParentMail for the purpose of communication and payment services.
Application assistant
Application assistant