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Welcome to Carmel College

Welcome to Carmel College

Applications for 2017 Entry

Before you get started, please read the following information thoroughly.

Your Application

  • You will be unable to submit your application unless all parts are completed. You will be unable to save your application part way through.
  • We require that you have access to a personal email address to contact you and to confirm your application has been received.
  • Your details will be held securely on our servers for as long as the details are of purpose.

Your Details

  • The name of the local authority in which you live eg, St Helens, Halton etc.
  • Your predicted or actual exam grades for GCSE Maths and GCSE English Language and any other qualifications.
  • Details of two emergency contacts including your relationship to that person ie. mother, sister etc.
  • Your choice of up to five subjects that you are considering studying at Carmel College.

Your Privacy


  • If I apply online and then change my mind about the subjects I want to study at Carmel, what should I do?
  • You will be able to amend your subject choices during your guidance interview which you will be able to book online once you've submitted your application.
    Please do not attempt to submit another application.
  • If I apply online and then change my telephone number / address / email etc, what should I do?
  • Please give your new details to our Admissions Team - or 01744 452212 or 01744 452214.
  • I don't know what subjects I want to study at Carmel yet, what should I do?
  • The choices you select now are not definite.
    You will be given the subject specific entry requirements and be able to change your choices during your guidance interview.
    Please do not submit another application.
  • What will happen once I've applied?
  • Once you have submitted your online application, you will see a message on screen stating that we've received your application. You will also receive a confirmation email which will be sent to the email address you gave on the application form.
    Upon successful receipt of your application, AS / A Level / BTEC applicants will be invited to book an interview with us.
    This can be done at
  • Where can I book my interview?
  • AS / A Level / BTEC applicants can book their interviews at
Application assistant
Application assistant